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Expert in customer oriented transport & logistics since 1956

Van de Scheur Logistics is the leading specialist when it comes to transporting unpackaged, large and vulnerable goods. With our own warehouse in Vianen, a team of 30 motivated employees and a varied fleet we are at our customers’ service. We work hard to deliver goods to our customers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium in time. Our customers are mainly manufacturing and trading companies, which expect a wide array of services, the ability to handle difficult assignments and a high degree of service.

We continually strive to develop the services we provide in such a way that we can execute them efficiently and help our customers to reach their goals.

We maintain a partnership based approach, which is transparent, proactive, reliable and responsible. These core values are ingrained in our company and our staff.

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Leading the market

In an ever more rapidly developing market, the customer decides where (place, floor, etc.), how (assembled, unpackaged, etc.) and when (day, time, etc.) his or her goods should be delivered. Because web shops and wholesalers of products are responding to those wishes, they expect a logistic partner to take care of a major part of the supply chain.

In recent years we have majorly invested in modern IT-solutions and systems that allow us to meet the needs of customers and suppliers. We can link our systems to those of our customers in order to access and prepare orders real-time, arrange communication and delivery directly with the final recipient, and provide a perfect delivery. Compared to other carriers, we take an extra step in order to provide a complete, high quality service. We cooperate with ever more web shops, wholesalers and manufacturers to handle their warehousing, logistics and delivery.

Involved entrepreneurship

Throughout our operations we continually keep in mind the safety, health and well-being of ours employees; we respect social norms, regulations and laws, and we are conscious of our environmental responsibilities. Tangible proof of this can be found in the Trademark of Transport & Logistics that we are certified with. You can rest assured that we attach a lot of value to the quality of our provided services, and continually monitor and try to improve these.

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