Business Logistics

Transporting goods for the B2B market. Reliable, secure and transparent transportation by Van de Scheur Logistics.

Unpackaged, last minute, in the evenings, weekends, and in the run-up to or at the end of an event – with Van de Scheur Logistics, your business logistics are in the right hands. With our extensive fleet and experienced drivers, we transport pallets, machines or other goods throughout the Netherlands. Our specialty is the transportation of bulky, unpackaged, vulnerable and/or valuable goods.

Transportation of goods

Van de Scheur Logistics was founded in 1956 as a transport- and moving company. Moving goods has been in our DNA for over 60 years. The large degree of diversity in our fleet enables us to transport a wide range of different products. From express services for small boxes, to agricultural vehicles and high-end machinery, we’ve transported it all over the years. The cooperation with you as our customer is extremely important to us.

Transport and logistics do not merely form the end of the chain, but rather a crucial component. You’ve created high expectations with your customer, and these expectations need to be met or even exceeded in every area. As a high-end carrier, it is our job to make a good first impression when introducing your customer to your product. Your customer expects the goods to arrive complete and on time. With our modern automated systems, you can monitor everything closely in real-time.

Dedicated Transportation

For a number of customers, we drive dedicated routes. We pick your goods up or deliver directly from our warehouse to the customer, where we place products at the desired spot and where we can even provide assembly!

In consultation with you, we will determine a route schedule and the frequency of deliveries. Through 65 years of experience with a plethora of customers, we can recommend you all the best ways to organize your logistic processes in order to save time and money.

Clever and efficient distribution

We use advanced planning tools, which allow us to efficiently distribute goods throughout all of The Netherlands and the north of Belgium. Our trucks are running distribution routes 5 days a week, in which we combine business and private deliveries of a very wide range of goods.

We always keep the wishes of our clients in mind: we always deliver on a date the recipient has chosen in our planning tool.

We group orders based on delivery region, in order to keep the distance between addresses as short as possible.

The high degree of efficiency we realize through our compact routes allows us to keep costs low, which will be noticeable in the rates of our services. As icing on the cake, this makes our distribution environmentally friendly, so you can use our services with a great peace of mind!

We will gladly investigate how we could fit your goods into our distribution network in a way that meets all your needs. We’d gladly get in touch with you in order to provide you with a compelling and well-suited offer.

Custom Business Logistics

Logistic demands vary greatly between different companies. We will gladly discuss your wishes and how Van de Scheur Logistics can not only meet, but even exceed your expectations.  Contact us for an introductory meeting.