Home Delivery

Need your voluminous goods delivered to residential addresses throughout the Netherlands, while exceeding your customers’ expectations?

We are at your service!

Are you selling goods to consumers which do not fit a standard pallet, which are large or vulnerable?

Have you used the services of many carriers over the years, which lacked in terms of cooperation, unburdening and customer-oriented service? Then contact us!

Van de Scheur Logistics brings a lot of expertise to the table when it comes to delivering large goods to consumers throughout The Netherlands. We will enter a close partnership with you, and seamlessly link our systems to yours, in order to ensure an optimal logistic chain and lots of satisfied customers!

home delivery
tevreden klanten

Customer satisfaction

The expectations of online shoppers are ever rising. They want to be kept up to date about the delivery; there must be a choice in the time of delivery, and of course the product must arrive in perfect condition! You want to avoid negative reviews by customers at all costs. You’ve set up your web shop optimally, so orders are flowing in. This brings a new challenge: your goods still need to arrive safely and correctly at your customer’s address. Customers are often not at home at a convenient time of delivery, they call three times to change the delivery appointment, or they cancel the order at the last moment. If logistics aren’t your core business, it is very hard to cost-effectively execute these services without losing your profit margin.

Webshop Logistics

As the owner of a webshop, dispatching your orders takes you a lot of time. Van de Scheur Logistics gladly takes this burden off your shoulders. We receive your orders automatically and make delivery appointments directly with your customers. We can store and manage your stock in order to be able to deliver faster. In case you have your own warehouse, we will give you a daily overview of planned delivery appointments we planned with your customers. This way, we can pick up the ordered goods at your location and add them to our distribution routes in our warehouse. The day before delivery, we prepare the orders and check the goods. Through every step of the chain, your customer is kept up-to-date of the status of the order and when delivery can be expected!

We then proceed towards the customer. At arrival, we neatly deliver the goods and take a picture of the delivery. This picture is uploaded in our system and accessible to you through our customer portal. The whole process is digital and can be linked to your systems.

webshop logistiek
logistiek voor uw webshop

Logistics for your webshop

By using the Home Delivery solutions Van de Scheur Logistics provides, you will prevent logistical problems with the delivery of your large goods. With our modern fleet and centrally located distribution center, we unburden you throughout the entire logistical chain.

We are able to improve your margins, customer satisfaction and delivery reliability by working cleverly and efficiently. Furthermore, our complete unburdening means you will free up lots of time and energy which you can devote towards other areas of your business, allowing you to grow and improve. Curious to see how we can cooperate? Feel free to contact us!